Account Receivable & Collections Processing

We ensure timely payment of the money owed by customers as opposed to the products/services provided.

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What Can
We Do?

Late payments and payment defaults can hamper your business’s financial situation. Effective account receivable management is critical to ensure timely payments from the customer. At Success Fluent, we can help devise strategies to comply with your customers to pay in oppose to the services/products they enjoyed.

Account Receivable & Collections Processing

Foundation Account Receivable Strategy

This strategy focuses on establishing clear contracts with your client. This written contract should include the payment terms and retainer stipulation. The contract should also include the clause which says,” the work will only be started after signing on the agreements.”

Success Fluent can help you devise such a contract. We have an experienced financial and legal team that is capable of handling these types of operations smoothly. We will keep you organized and informed about the report on status.

Offensive Account Receivable Strategy

This type of receivable collection procedure involves a proactive stance to insulate your company from financial misery. Consistent monitoring of financial health and collection of data will help you identify customers who may pose a risk to non-payment. After a foundation strategy doesn’t work, it is time for an offensive strategy to take its place.

You can also consider investing in Trade Credit Insurance just to be safe and sure. Credit insurance protects your company against the loss to your valuable and vulnerable assets.

How Can We Help?

Expert Collections Processing Services

Partner with experts to get acquainted with financial assistance and devise a strategy for each customer.

Our Services Include:

  • Complete protection from non-payment
  • Generating credit reports
  • Monitoring political and macroeconomic risks
  • Evaluating individual company financial statements
Contacting the customer in a non-payment worst-case scenario
Sending letters if the customer doesn’t receive a call
Suspending the account, or adding monthly interests
Devising strategies to compel the client to pay for the services they enjoyed